A global consortium of Group A Streptococcus (Strep A) researchers has launched a series of best practice surveillance protocols designed
to unite international research efforts for a world-first Strep A vaccine.

Universal protocols for Strep A surveillance set to transform research for world-first vaccine
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Strep A Vaccine Global Consortium (SAVAC) 2nd Stakeholders’ Meeting, Stockholm (Hybrid: in-person and virtual),
6 June 2022

Date: 6 June 2022
Type of Event: Strep A Vaccine Global Consortium (SAVAC) 2nd Stakeholders’ Meeting

Following the first SAVAC stakeholders’ meeting on 11 March 2021, the second SAVAC stakeholders’ meeting will be organized by the SAVAC Executive Committee chaired by Dr. Jerome Kim, Director General of IVI, and co-chaired by Prof. Andrew Steer, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and by the IVI Secretariat. The meeting will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 6, 2022. The participants are welcomed in-person or virtually.

SAVAC members will share and review the latest SAVAC progress and achievements since the first stakeholders’ meeting, as well as seek valuable input from multidisciplinary participants and funders. Each SAVAC working group including the burden of disease, vaccine safety, correlates of protection, and full value of vaccine assessment, will present their work to various stakeholders in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, policy decision-makers, and funders. The meeting is expected to be beneficial for all Streptococcus A vaccine stakeholders in bringing a broader view of the ongoing Strep A vaccine development continuum.